Lecturer scores Mahama high marks; queries sweeping questions from journalists

A lecturer at the Department of Communications Studies at the University of Ghana is applauding the style and tone of president John Mahama in Tuesday’s encounter with the press.

Dr Etse Sikanku was however not entirely impressed with some of the broad, sweeping questions by the journalists which he said allowed the president too much room to express himself.

The president called a press conference to address some of the key national issues affecting the country.

Within a two and half hour period the president answered about 26 questions on a variety of issues including, corruption, the controversial policy to allow two terror suspects into Ghana, the economy, taxes, and of course what he does to release pressure and what keeps him awake at night.

There have mixed reactions about the assessment of both the quality of questions by the journalists and the answers given by the president.

Dr Sikanku believes the president will walk away “not too disappointed with his performance.”

Given a defensive approach taken by the president and his communicators in the last quarter of last year which saw them address some of the most difficult issues, including the Ameri deal, accusations about incompetence, the lecturer believes the president made a positive beginning in terms of communication in 2016.

“It was president Mahama as we know him at his best. It was a positive as far as the president is concerned.

“He was not adversarial. He was civil, and not antagonistic. If I look at it from that perspective, I think it is a win for the president.

He said other government communicators must be taking a lesson or two from the style of the president.

Asked if the journalists did a good job with the questions, Dr Sikanku said it was mixed, even though he thought some of the questions were irrelevant.

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