Kweku Baako: Afari Gyan Cannot Be Forced Out Of Office…

Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide newspaper has described the ‘numerous’ calls for the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Dr Afari Gyan to resign as an exercise in futility.

He said even though those calling for his (Afari Gyan) head have the right to do so, he (Afari Gyan) cannot be forced out of office without any basis.

He told Kwami Sefa-Kayi on the ‘Kokrokoo’ Morning Show that Dr Afari Gyan is “almost retiring; which means he will not even be around for the next elections. It is a futile call because if he willingly resigns, then fine otherwise, what basis can he be forced out of office. Are you expecting the appointing authority to do that? Obviously not and even if he resigns it is the duty of the appointing authority to bring in another person…the appointing authority does not consult anybody else and so there is a certain level of futility around it unless it is for pure propaganda pressure purposes…”

As a great ‘fan’ of Dr. Afari-Gyan, he said the EC Boss should be recommended for his commitment to the commission and the kind of work he does.

“Looking at what Dr Afari Gyan is going through, it saddens my heart…overall, he has done very well. All of us across the political divide have been unfair to him at various times and so it is pathetic that he is going through such issues…This is a man who displayed rare courage when in the year 2000 soldiers evaded his house with guns on the family seeking him to do something contrary to the will of the people; he didn’t do it. When you think about some of these things; if you are assessing such a person, you do it with a certain sense of moderation. We should be careful we don’t throw away the baby with the bath water” he stated.



Kweku Baako: Afari Gyan Cannot Be Forced Out Of Office…

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