Kumasi South Hospital levy patients to pay for utility bills

The Ashanti Regional Health Directorate has endorsed a decision by authorities of the Kumasi South Hospital to levy patients to keep the hospital running.

Patients have complained about a three to five Ghana Cedi charge instituted by the Regional Hospital to foot rising cost of operation and inconsistent supply of electricity.

But Regional Director of Health, Dr. Alexis Nang-Bei Fubah, says the decision is a desperate move for a desperate situation.

“If a hospital runs short of money to even buy fuel into a generator and at the same time electricity people are threatening to cut the current i will expect the management to use desperate and prudent measures to handle the situation.

He said the hospital must take steps to “avert the irreversible losses.”

“So the news that some facilities have resorted to small tokens to ensure that the facilities continue to run to me is not completely out of place.

“It is a desperate measure in response to an extremely desperate situation.

“I will prefer that as a lesser evil than for them to sit, fold their arms only for them to come and tell me two or three people have died as a result of lack of electricity.

He said things like constant electricity to the hospital should be guaranteed at all time.

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