Kuagbenu Denies Mansions

Vincent Kuagbenu, former Executive Director of the Ghana National Service Scheme (NSS), has denied media reports that he has built five mansions in four years.

In the publication, which was headlined, ‘Rot at NSS: Director Grabs 5 Mansions’ Mr. Kuagbenu’s name was mentioned, but a statement by his lawyers, A-Partners@Law, claimed the story makes a perfect description of their client and therefore demanded an apology.

Below is the full text of the statement by his lawyers;

Re-Rot At NSS
We are Solicitors for Vincent Kuagbenu, former Executive Director of the Ghana National Service Scheme, and have his instructions to demand a retraction of, and an apology for a

libelous publication you carried about him and his tenure.

This concerns the publication headed: ‘Rot at NSS: Former Director grabs five mansions’ in the Thursday 30 th October 2014 edition of the

Daily Guide Newspaper.
The said publication firmly accuses our client of various acts of

criminality including corruption, fraud and infidelity.

Our client wishes to put on record that:
he has not been a subject of any judicial or administrative

inquiry or any such howsoever described, and with outcome (s)

touching on the said spurious allegations.
he is unaware of a purported report forming the gospel of the said defamatory publication made without any effort whatsoever to contact him, at least to give a semblance of compliance with the most basic journalistic standards of fair and

balanced reportage.
he never and has never committed any of the alleged acts,

neither was he or has he ever been found guilty of any acts of financial malfeasance, corruption, fraud, or infidelity or

any such as claimed in the publication.
he does not own nor has he ever acquired the said five or more mansions, “flashy, expensive and luxurious cars” and never in

the names of friends as a cover up.
he never fraudulently generated a phony list of service personnel, supervised or been part of any such acts if any ever occurred and never received allowances meant for same.

he never took money or colluded with anyone to steal in the

name of programs which were never organised, nor did he cause

deductions from service persons allowances fraudulently.

Your insincere attempt to give an impression of obscuring his

identity by not mentioning his name in the malicious publication in a clever attempt to escape a possible suit also fails as ordinary

right-thinking readers home and abroad effortlessly identify our

client and associate him with the many unproven claims, pouring much scorn on him.

Our client takes a serious view of the publication, and has reason to believe same was done with extreme malice aforethought.

He, nonetheless, offers you a chance to retract the libelous publication and apologise within 7 days from the date above.

Please be advised that our client shall, without further notice to

you, seek to repair his hard-earned reputation in court, if you fail

to publish a retraction and apology with an equal level of the prominence the complained publication was given.

S Lardy Anyenini,
A-partners & law
Editor’s Note:
Even though DAILY GUIDE did not mention the name of Mr Kuagbenu, we apologize if he finds any part of the story offensive and therefore retract as such .

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