Now adays its so hard to win in this game of music where artist decides to display their versatility when fans get bored easily, when u decide to be one a sided musician ceo , blogger, writer, music critic Mr Alfred a Ghanaian based in belgium , decides to jam e l in the face with this words before we hit 2016

Below :
*Dear EL GH I am a very big fan of yours and will always remain a big fan… I salute you in both worlds (HipHop and Afrobeats/Azonto ) and I am comfortable switching my mode to whatever you serve us. But some people are only into Afrobeats and others are only into HipHop….

They cant switch easily like some of us…. What I am humbly asking you to do is to just target the one side of your talent and put in more work. There is an Ewe proverb that says “If you urinate at one place, it foams better”… Me dier I dey your back no matter where you switch to.

You have been nominated in categories you could have easily won at the VGMAs but somehow they give them to “other” people. I suspect its because they cant define who you are… EL, not everybody knows how powerful you are in the music scene. Those who knows will pretend and look elsewhere.

Please Next year, just arrest one Genre and own it for 12 whole months. Then you can catch another the following year and do same… Dont blame the wine in my Glass bro. lol I respect your talent and all I want is you getting rewarded accordingly. Salutes!!

Big Fan
Mr. Aborga a.k.a. Oldswat a.k.a. Komlavi*
SOURCE : https://www.facebook.com/komla.aborga
i hope el doesnt get pissed off though!

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