Knights, Ladies of Marshall of Catholic Church condemn presence of Gitmo two in Ghana

The Noble Order of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall views with trepidation the decision of the Government of Ghana to accommodate two former Guantanamo prisoners.

We associate ourselves with issues raised by a number of Ghanaians and civil society groups, including the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference and the Christian Council of Ghana that the issue relating to the two is totally different from previous asylum requests granted to other refugees.

The Noble Order is of the view that the decision should have been brought for discussion in Parliament as the case in a number of countries.

What is even much more worrying and disturbing is the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Mark Woyongo, who has oversight responsibility for National Security, saying that he was not privy to the discussions.

The statement by the Foreign Affairs Minister, Ms. Hannah Tetteh that she was not aware of the official US information that described the two detainees as risky to the US National Security and for which reason, the two have been debarred from returning to the United States. Further muddying the waters.

Is the government aware that as of July 13, 2013, 100 of the 603, representing 16.6 per cent, released detainees at Guantanamo Bay have re-engaged in terrorist activities?

Although the government of Ghana claims that the two Gitmo detainees pose no security risk, we are at a loss as to why the suspects are being kept at the National Security compound and their movement monitored 24/7.

We are also disappointed with the government’s communication or information management on this issue of national interest. Why did the government of Ghana come out to confirm the information only after US major news network, Fox News, had broken the news when the Department of Defence (DoD) had published it on its website?

It is not the resort to insulting Ghanaians or institutions that speak their mind against some of these matters that will right a wrong. The government must first of all acknowledge its pitfalls and apologize to Ghanaians for the manner it handled the issue.

The Noble Order therefore advises the government to reconsider the decision in the broad interest of peace and security.

Issued by the Knights and Ladies of Marshall.

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