KIA blames faulty cable for power outage

Managers of the Kotoka International Airport has blamed the power outage that left parts of the airport in complete darkness on a faulty cable.

The Airport management in a statement apologised for the incident but said the safety and security at the airport was never compromised during the period of the outage.

Parts of the Airport went completely dark for hours following a power trip Friday night. The outage happened at approximately 6:30 pm.

Airport officials had to improvise and use some unorthodox measures including the use of lamps to facilitate their work during the period of the outage. sources say the outage was not as a result of the ‘dumsor’  [load shedding] which has affected many national facilities including schools and hospitals in recent times.

Rather workers who were involved in an airport expansion works accidentally tampered with one of the cables but were able to fix it later.

The statement issued by the managers of the facility said “the cause of the outage was traced to a fault in one of the electrical cables supplying power to the southern section of the terminal resulting in a

cut in power supply to those areas.  Engineers were on site to identify and restore power.”

“GACL wishes to emphasize that it has a total backup power supply of 5000kva which automatically takes over when the ECG mains supply goes off.

“In the case of the outage that occurred,  ECG power supply to the airport was available but could not be transferred to certain portions of the airport due to the faulty cable,” the statement said.

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