KATH security allegedly brutalize visitor and a journalist, but hospital defends action

The Komfo Anokye Hospital is defending the actions of its security personnel who allegedly brutalised a visitor to the hospital and a journalist.

Public Relations Officer, Kwame Frimpong maintains the man, Alexander Amoah refused to obey a directive on the entry and exit of vehicles.

KATH, in March 2015, instituted the directive which makes it compulsory for all motorists to exit from the point of entry. This is to prevent the use of the hospital as a thoroughfare between the central business district and Bantama.

Consequently motorists are given a colour-coded card on entry, which they are to return to the collection point when exiting.

Mr Frimpong tells Luv News the victim attempted to use the exit at the Accident and Emergency Department, after entering from the Bantama entry point.

The security personnel demanded a return to the Bantama exit but he refused, resulting in a heated argument. The man then locked the car right at the entrance and left the scene, preventing vehicles from exiting or entering Komfo Anokye hospital.

The security had no choice but to restrain and hand him to the police.

This account of events is however disputed by the victim and a journalist who witnessed the incident.

According to Mr Amoah, he entered through the Bantama gate to drop some nurses. The security men on seeing the nurses in the vehicle allowed him to enter without giving him any colour-coded card. The nurses also informed him he would be allowed to use the Accident and Emergency Department exit.

The security men however refused to let him; an argument ensued, after which he decided to return to his point of entry in order to leave the hospital. The security men at that gate however demanded the card they had not given him before he will be allowed to exit. He was asked to park aside whiles other cars were allowed to bypass him.

This went on for over an hour and not even the intervention of the nurses he had dropped could convince the security men who had by then locked the wheels of the car.

After further hours of deadlock, Mr. Amoah decided to break the wheel lock with a jack, that was when several KATH security personnel pounced on his, beat him mercilessly till he passed out. They left him lying on the ground till he regained consciousness before being dragged violently to the police station.

Mr Amoah’s account is corroborated by a witness, Journalist at Sikka Fm, Anthony Akudago who says he was assaulted and given heavy slaps by the KATH security when he attempted to capture mobile phone footage of the assault. His mobile phone was seized and all data wiped before it was given back.

Alexander Amoah has been granted police enquiry bail.

He intends to seek redress from the courts since KATH authorities are not interested in listening to his side of event to amicably address the issue.

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