“Justice Dotse Was The Only Serious Guy On The Supreme Court Panel”

A member of the Council of Elders of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described Justice Jones Dotse, one of the nine Supreme Court Judges who sat on the just ended election petition trail as the “the only serious guy on the panel”.

Eugene Antwi claims having taken pains to read through the ruling by all the judges, he has come to the conclusion that Justice Dotse did an excellent job for the country.

“…one of the living Justices, who has done Justice to the landmark petition case is Justice Dotse. You would have to take time to read Justice Jones Dotse’s Judgment and you will appreciate what really went on in the petition. He is the only serious guy on the panel,” the NPP man stated.

The NPP bigwig made these comments on Metro TV on Monday, during an interrogation of the apex court’s ruling on the election petition.

When Eugene Antwi’s attention was drawn to the fact that his comments could amount to an attack on the Judges, he refused to retract and apologize, claiming he was only praising Justice Dotse for a good work done.

“…so if he did a good work, should I not say he did a good work?” he asked Randy Abbey, the host of ‘Good Morning Ghana’.

The NPP Council of Elders member reiterated, “Justice Dotse did a fantastic work for this country because if you look at his ruling, if you look at his reasoning…based in law, grounded in law. I am not a lawyer, but I can relate to all that he said to the Constitution. And also, he went further to talk about reforms and what ought to be done. And I for one, reading his ruling said, yes, this is the kind of Justice for the Supreme Court we all need to see”.


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“Justice Dotse Was The Only Serious Guy On The Supreme Court Panel”

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