Judicial scandal: Ndebugri apologises for describing Anas’ video as rubbish

After all there is nothing shocking or damning about video footage on bribery scandal involving 34 judges, legal practitioner John Ndebugri has suggested.

He is appalled by how the public and even more “disappointed” by lawyers who have so far commented on the scandal and have passed various damning verdicts.

Speaking on Joy FM/MultiTV news analysis show Newsfile Saturday, Mr. Ndebugre said he has seen portions of the video on 14 of the accused judges and nothing critical was seen.

“Clearly, clearly, clearly absolutely rubbish, with the greatest respect, and you say you were shock,” he said of those portions he saw.

“I am not shocked!” he forcefully declared. However, about an hour later, he beat a retreat after reflection to apologise for describing content of the tape as rubbish.

He warned against damning judgmental comments based on the reliance on newspaper clippings. This is suspicion, he said.

“A million suspicions do not mean proof!….when you have read transcripts without watching the video it is suspicion”

Mr. Ndebugri is also in court on behalf of 14 judges implicated in the bribery scandal.

They are among 22 circuit court judges and magistrates a five-member disciplinary committee chaired by Supreme Court Judge, Justice Sophia Adinyira is investigating in the bribery allegations.

Mr. Ndebugri who stated that procedure law is as important as substantive law, argued that processes instituted by the Chief Justice Mrs. Georgina Wood was defective.

He is therefore seeking a declaration from the Supreme Court that the action breaches the Judicial Service Act. He has demanded that “all processes must come to an end”.

He dismissed suggestion that his clients are in court into to buy time.

The right procedure must be followed, he said, stating that “what is happening does not follow procedure sanctioned by law”.

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