Joy TV to start new telenovelas: ‘Los Rey’ and ‘La Patrona’

When the Joy TV telenovala “El Secretario” ended, viewer disappointments poured in; they missed the comical character, Mario, and his obnoxious brother, Felix and of course, the infamous Copito Corporation.

Soon after, “Bella Calamidades” ended and it seemed their world had fallen apart. Well, Joy TV is  about to introduce two incredible telenovelas seeped in drama, betrayal, deceit, love and all the juicy telenovela fun!

“Los Rey” and “La Patrona” will start airing on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 7pm and 8pm respectively, filling the evening telenovela belts on Joy TV.

In “Los Rey,” the story revolves around Everardo Rey and Pedro Malvido, once best friends but now enemies due to betrayal and deceit.

Two of their children, Matias and Lorenza, fall in love and are determined to unite the two families in a rocky journey that tests their love beyond imagination. Will they succeed?

Also in “La Patrona”, the young, beautiful female miner, Gabriela Suarez, endures several hardships including a painful rape at the age of 16, abuse by other miners and a false accusation by the most powerful woman in town, leading to jher being thrown in jail.

After years in prison, Gabriela returns to her town with a new identity determined to take revenge on everyone who hurt her. But she’s also in love with the son of the woman who destroyed her life – how does she manage this relationship?

Catch “Los Rey” at 7pm every Monday to Friday, followed by “La Patrona” at 8pm every Monday to Friday on Joy TV. 

Joy TV …Engage Your Emotions.

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