John Mahama Ladies Want Mrs. Fafa Adinyira Renominated

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the press herein gathered. On behalf of the leadership of JD Mahama Association, Ho Market Women, NDC Ho Central Constituency Women’s wing and Concern Youth of Ho Municipal, We welcome you all gathered here to press conference.

We will like to use this opportune time once again to congratulate His Excellency John Dramani Mahama on his victory in the just ended 2012 Presidential Election Petition hearing at the Supreme Court.

We will also like to apologize to the Hon. Assembly members of the Ho Municipality for the unfortunate comments and criticism some people have thrown against them on different media platforms after a ceremony organized to endorse the President’s nominee for the position of Ho Municipal Chief Executive position on Tuesday 12-09-2013 did not see the light of day.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have invited you all here today in order to speak on the above important issue of national interest. As the President John Dramani Mahama is enjoined to make appointments in accordance with Section 243(1) of the 1992 Constitution and Section 20(1) of the Local Government Act1993, Act462, We were very much delighted when Mrs.Fafa Adinyira was nominated for the position of Ho Municipal Chief Executive.

Her nomination, We believe was done with recourse to the barometer reading concerning the sentiments of the NDC Party members within the Ho Municipality those very party members who put their shoulders to the wheel to mobilize support for the President.

Having known Mrs.Fafa Adinyira as a hardworking mother, committed NDC member someone with a very enviable experience at the gold’s mine where she had worked for several years as a Human Resource Manager, we do not doubt her ability to live up to her responsibility and so applies to every discerning member of the Ho Municipality.

We were with high hope and expectation that Mrs.Fafa Adinyira will be endorsed by the Hon. Assembly members but lo and behind things turn in the opposite direction which is still lingering in the minds of the good people within the Ho Municipality and beyond most especially the women.

As the first Woman to be nominated for that position, we were of the hope that when Mrs.Fafa Adinyira is endorsed then she could help advance the BETTER GHANA AGENDA in the Ho Municipality by:

Making sure that, the Ho Market which has been in a deplorable state for the past decades see a face lift since majority of us women in the municipality are traders.

Strategizing policies with other stake holders to address the fallen standards of education in the municipality especially JHS.

Fighting robbery and theft cases that had daunted the image of the municipality in the media in order to avoid rampant reported theft cases at the police station.

Making sure that, the security of the people in the municipality is highly assured.

Giving scholarship packages to needy but brilliant students irrespective of their political affiliations.

Promoting sports, games and cultural in the municipality.

Improving upon the road networks within the municipality to meet desire standards

Embarking on programs to empower women and make sure they get access to government interventions to start or expand their businesses.

Promoting environmental cleanliness initiative to avoid outbreak of diseases.

Bringing her foreign investors from outside to come and create jobs in the municipality in order to reduce unemployment among the youth.

Making sure a modern Assembly office complex is built for the municipality.

Unifying the party front within the Ho -Central Constituency.

Ladies and gentlemen, our research findings after the refusal of the Hon. Assembly members to endorse the President’s nominee Mrs.Fafa Adinyira reveals that, the woman is very competent for the position even our brothers and sisters at the other political divide attested to that, just that certain things were not done right that has led to the misfortune. As people of faith we believe in the word of God that says ‘for all things we should give thanks to him’

We are at this juncture against the above backdrops calling and pleading with His Excellency Jon Dramani Mahama to listen to the cries of the very people who toiled to put him into office and are determined to back him all the way to 2016 regardless of anything, to consider renominating Mrs.Fafa Adinyira as MCE for the Ho Municipal Assembly to enable her to work on improvement of conditions for enhanced living standards.

We are very confident when renominated with all the views and opinions we have gathered the best groundwork will be done in consultation with the various stakeholders to enable her get the two third(2/3) majority this time round.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will to make a promise by saying that, We will forever be grateful to His Excellency John Dramani Mahama when our wish, which is the wish of the good people of the Ho Municipality is granted, We can assure him that Mrs.Fafa Adinyira as MCE will work assiduously on issues concerning the development of the municipality and that she will also lead the women’s front in the municipality to campaign for him come 2016.

We are calling on all religious bodies, traditional rulers, the youth and most especially women to throw their support for Mrs.Fafa Adinyira in prayers for the good Lord to hear our plea and grant us our heart desire.

We wish Mrs.Fafa Adinyira God’s guidance and the best of luck in her endeavor and she should always remember We are proud of her.

Thank you all for coming.
Long Live Ghana
Long Live President Mahama
Long Live JD Mahama Ladies
Long Live Ho Market Women
Long Live NDC Women’s Wing
Long Live Concern Youth of Ho Municipal
Signed; 16-09-2013
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John Mahama Ladies Want Mrs. Fafa Adinyira Renominated

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