Jim Iyke Needs Another Deliverance From 7 Evil Spirits—Emma Ehumade

Early this year, the ghastly car accident that actor Emma Ehumadu aka Totolos had on set while filming with Jim Iyke was widely reported.

The sad incident that almost took the actor’s life occurred on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 in Asaba.

The crash was so severe that Totolos broke his skull, fractured his neck and went into coma, however, the Nollywood bad boy, Jim Iyke did not sustain any injury.

According to Emma’s narration of what really transpired that fateful day.

“We were filming a robbery scene… Police were chasing us. I was shooting at the Police from the passenger side window, I didn’t know that the door of the packed location bus was opened, so I rammed into the door. As Jim tried to drive pass. In the car were also Zuby Micheal, Jnr Pope, Slvester Madu, Queen Wokoma”

The star actor Totolos is gradually recovering but obviously not happy with Jim Iyke for abandoning him to his fate after the accident.

“Jim Iyke needs another deliverance, the one at Synagogue didn’t work on him, is like seven more evil spirits entered into him the moment he left Synagogue church. He was reckless with his driving which led to the accident that nearly killed me, if not for God. After all said and done, he abandoned me without even a check to know how the surgery went. I wonder how he reasons? He just carried on with his life like no one matters except him and him alone. If I had died, he wouldn’t have cared too either. He would have still carried on like nothing happened. But God is above man…am still here and even better,” he fumed.

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