Jealousy Is Killing Showbiz – Kwesi Ernest

Chief Executive of Media Excel Productions Ernest Kwesi Ennin has noted that the issue of jealousy or envy in Ghana’s showbiz transcends the movie industry and is equally visible in the music sector—even among gospel musicians.

Mr Kwesi Ennin, who has managed several of Ghana’s best gospel musicians, complained that the negative trait had become an obstacle to the formation of a united front among stakeholders in the creative arts sector.

He told Hitz Fm on Tuesday that some Ghanaian gospel musicians never wish each other well and do not support each other.

Kwesi Ernest said it is not uncommon that when a gospel musician is performing on stage, another gospel musician in the auditorium would be wishing and praying that the one performing should not do well or even get hurt on stage.

‘Where is the unity we are talking about…If we are united in the creative arts sector, we can now match together and go to   government with our issues and government will take us seriously and will begin to bring things that will support the industry.

‘But these structures are not there because everybody wants to make it higher than his brother. You want to breakthrough than anybody,’ he added and wondered if Ghanaian entertainment stakeholders would ever change that attitude towards each other.

Kwesi’s claims follow last week’s complaints by popular actress Yvonne Nelson that the never-ending challenges confronting Ghana’s movie industry can be largely blamed on the lack of unity and jealousy among its stakeholders and that Nigerians have been laughing at Ghanaians about it.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50   Email: [email protected])


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