It’s Abominable And Highly Reprehensible…Blaming Others For One’s Defeat!!!

Ghanaians have certain traits that are peculiar to us, as a people. One could talk about the snapping of fingers during handshakes and reference to every male as charley.

But the quick attempt to blame others for our mistakes, according to the Deputy Minister of Energy, is fast becoming one of the traits of a Ghanaian.

According to Hon. John Jinapor, “we should learn to accept defeat and move on. The idea where when people lose they are bent on finding excuses, refusing and trying to point fingers at people, wouldn’t help. And this may sound controversial but sometimes, it’s becoming Ghanaian when people write exams and fail, when people play football and lose, when people attempt something in life and they do not succeed, instead of them coming back to the drawing board to do a proper analysis of the situation and finding out the real issues that lead to the defeat, they find it very much easy and very much convenient to pass it on to others”.

“And blame others for their woes. That is why in our society, we find people blaming their mothers, blaming their grandmothers, for their own failures, when in actual fact they could have done something better for themselves”.

John Jinapor is of the view that this behavior has crept into politics and accounts for the blame which is being apportioned to individuals for the defeat of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), in the 2012 general elections and election petition trial, subsequently.

The Deputy Energy Minister made this assertion on Metro TV during a panel discussion on the condemnation by President John Dramani Mahama of an allegation that the King of Asante, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II was used as a conduit through whom bribes were paid to the nine-member panel of the apex court of Ghana, who sat on the election petition trial to secure a verdict in favour of the President.

He rather counseled the NPP to do a “proper introspection to find out why Ghanaians are rejecting them, find out why they are losing elections and find out why they are not winning in certain constituencies”.

“…And they would realize why they are not winning in some regions and in some districts, rather than blame people for that. It’s abominable and highly reprehensible. I think that we cannot continue in that culture,” he opined.


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It’s Abominable And Highly Reprehensible…Blaming Others For One’s Defeat!!!

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