It Would Be A Mindless Option To Replicate Violations During Future Elections – Kweku Baako

Last year’s election has faded away; but what is fresh in the minds of many Ghanaians is the legal bunter that ensued between the New Patriotic Party, President Mahama, the Electoral Commission and the National Democratic Congress.

In the end, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the incumbent government and President Mahama was legitimately declared winner of the elections.

The aftermath of the trial, has indeed informed the Electoral Commission of Ghana to call upon all the political parties to bring on board ideas which they believe would bring about reforms to safeguard our future elections. But certain key members of the New Patriotic Party have vowed not to honour the Electoral Commission’s (EC) invitation. Their motive for the boycott is that they believe the EC connived with the NDC to declare President Mahama winner of last year’s election.

But the managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Mr. Kweku Baako dislikes the stance taken by the NPP. Although he is a well known sympathizer of the NPP, he believes the party should give EC the benefit of doubt and allow it spearhead the agenda to bring about new electoral reforms.

Speaking on Joy FM, Mr. Baako stated that in spite of all the suspicion and mistrust the EC has been tagged with, circumstances compelled all political parties to succumb to the EC’s authority when they decided to outdoor new reforms.

He ended his submission on the subject by warning all those seeking to deliberately replicate violations during future elections.

He argues introducing violations during future elections would be a “mindless option” if it is to be operationalized.


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It Would Be A Mindless Option To Replicate Violations During Future Elections – Kweku Baako

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