It was unwise to allow radical Islamic preacher entry into Ghana- Aning

Security expert with the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre believes it was foolhardy to allow Dr Abu Philips, a controversial Islamic preacher into Ghana.

Dr Kwasi Aning said with the level of unemployment in Ghana and the “dangerous times” we live in, “it is not too wise” to allow Dr Philips entry into Ghana.

Dr Philips, Canadian citizen with a reputation for holding extreme views, indicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and deported from the United States in 2004, deported from the Phillipines, banned from entering the UK, Australia and even Bangladesh which is a predominant Muslim country is in Ghana preaching to Muslim students in Tamale.

He advertised his public speaking activities on facebook prior to his coming to Ghana and has since managed to hold few lectures.

He has already held a number of lecturers in various parts of Accra and in Kumasi at the KNUST.

He is in Tamale for another lecture at the Tamale Jubilee Park on the topic “Islamic Identity Under Globalization.”

On the 9th of February, he will hold another lecture at the Tamale UDS with the title “Islam and Media: Enemies or Foes.”

He has already delivered lectures on the theme “Insurgency In God’s Name: Revelation or Rebellion”. -

The controversial preacher is an advocate for suicide bombing and has not failed in supporting such acts anytime it happens.

He is believed to have links to Al-Qaeda, an allegation he has dismissed. The preacher who was questioned by the Tamale police but has been given a go ahead with his lectures.

But questions have been raised about why such a man with questionable background would be allowed entry into Ghana at a time when the National Security is blowing alarm over the possible recruitment of Ghanaian students into terrorist group ISIS.

A Ghanaian student with the KNUST has already been converted into ISIS family with fears many more students could be recruited.

And with the presence of the two GITMO ex-detainees in the country, some have said this is not the right time to allow Dr Philips entry into Ghana.

The National Security says the presence of Dr Philips has no security implications to Ghana but Dr Aning holds a contrary view.

Speaking to Joy News, Dr Kwasi Aning said it would have made lots of sense for a person with such track record of radicalising people to kept off the borders of Ghana.

“I don’t think we are being biased against him. Look we live in a dangerous neighborhood. These are dangerous times. We have a huge unemployed and unemployable youth base. We have an increasingly radicalised population and therefore i think it makes sense that anybody with a track record of being banned for radicalised activity is looked at with a little bit of caution and taking into consideration all the things that is happening in this country in the last 18 months.

“Probably it is not too wise and advisable to allow Dr Philips to be in here to do his preaching.

He was unequivocal in saying that “somebody had failed” to do job in allowing Dr Philips to come into the country.

“The problem is not about Dr Philips making public statements or preaching and we having access to what he is going to say before he says it.

“It is the whispered conversation in corners, the networks that he has, the networks he will be introducing others to. That is where the problem lies

“He will come in here on a two weeks visa and leave but the after effect of his presence and activities will stay with us.

Dr Aning scorned what the president said was a unique partnership between the US and Ghana in terms of intelligence sharing in fighting terrorism.

“There is no substance to what president said about intelligence sharing with the US. The so called beneficial relationship with the US in terms of intelligence sharing will not materialise because the US does not see us as a critical ally.

“We are a country that can be used for their ad-hoc activities and dismissed. This is a classic case.

He said if they had shared the list of supposedly dangerous or radicals with Ghana’s Immigration, our immigration officers would have flagged this fellow.

It also reflects the poverty of research capabilities in our security institution.

He said when the GITMO situation arose in Ghana, some of these preachers were berating Ghana for accepting the two suspects and wondered why Ghana would allow Dr Philips to come to Ghana.

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