Islamic Varsity Honours Quranic Reciter

The Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) has –under the auspices of the Cultural and Religious Affairs office- organized Qur’anic recitation competition on February 24, 25 and 27.

The Competition was organized in honor of the internationally acclaimed Qur’anic reciter, Mr. Hussain Asadi to, among other things, instill into students the zeal to study, recite, memorize the Holy Qur’an and most importantly, follow the Holy Qur’an’s teachings.

Mr. Hussain Asadi, who is the General Director of Qur’an and Hadith Affairs at Al-Mustafa International University (MIU) is himself a Qur’anic reciter who has won several prizes in that regard internationally. He is in Ghana for a familiarization visit.

To test the competitors’ mastery of reading the Holy Qur’an (applying the rules governing it) and the extent to which they have committed it to memory, the competition was categorized into recitation (Tarteel), and memorization (Hifz).

In the Kumasi series which was held on February 24 at the Imam JafarSadiq Teacher Training Center, Abdul Wadud Ahmed (student, Ma’ahadTahfeez Baba Al-Wa’iz – Kumasi); Abdul Mumin Khidir (student, MadrasatulWataniyya Al-Islamiyya – Kumasi); and Fatimatu Mahmud (student, Imamayyatu Rashidiya –Kumasi) emerged 1st in the Tarteel and Hifz categories respectively.

Meanwhile, the winners at the Accra series (held at IUCG) were Yahkub Mohammed of IUCG, Abubakar Magaaji of Ahlul-Bait Teacher Training Center. While Yahkub is the winner of the Tarteel category, Magaaji emerged winner of the Hifz category.

The final and chief event was among female students of the Lady Fatimah Girls SHS (IUCGestablishment) and the Mercy SHS, which was held at the former on Saturday, February 27. It saw the female students keenly compete amongst themselves for the trophies.

While Madam Shawqiyya Mohammed Awal (student, Lady Fatimah Girls SHS) took home the first (1st) prize for the Tarteel category, Madam Wamatashauna (student, Mercy SHS) emerged victorious of the Hifz category.

Attractive prizes (the Holy Qur’an, cash, certificate etc.) were given to those who excelled in both categories by emerging 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

In all the series, the panel of judges in the competition has expressed their elation at the level of competence exhibited by participants in both the recitation (with grammatical accuracy, phonetic perfection, and melodious voice) and the memorization categories.

The event, generally, has received acclamation from the competitors, participating schools, attendees as well as the general public. They opined that such events would go a long way to foster the habit of learning the Qur’an among Muslims.

Leading personalities in attendance at the functions were the General Director of Qur’an and Hadith Affairs, Mr. Hussain Asadi; IUCG President, Dr. Mohsen Maarefi; the Director of Ahlul-Bait Teacher Training Centre, Sheikh Sabir Sarfejoh; the Cultural and Religious Affairs officer, Mr. Mohammed Mujib; the Headmaster of Lady Fatimah  Girls SHS, among others.

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