ISIS Boy Pops Up On Facebook

Nazir Nortei Alema, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology graduate who drifted to the ranks of the dreaded Islamic States of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has popped up on Facebook.

That was the first time he was being heard of since he broke ranks with this parent and joined the dreaded terrorists, ISIS, and made worrying headlines locally and internationally.

The message could assuage the pain of especially his mother who has been grieving over her son’s decision. For once she can be assured that he is alive and could make more contacts.

The Facebook account is said to be his, having used same prior to his trip to ISIS. Unfortunately though, he did not respond to the posts from his friends and relatives after opening up to them with a salutation.

Now that he has made contact via Facebook, he might have completed his training schedule. Earlier, it was reported that he would remain incommunicado for the duration of the training. Excerpts of the unanswered entreaties from his friends follow:

‘Bro where are you.’
Another said: ‘U know we been looking for u for some time now.’

‘How come u didn’t tell me this?’ ‘Nazir Don Allah where are you? Please call home. You know everyone is sick worried about you. Plead call.’ ‘Wasalaam wa rahma, hp u doing great my bro. Kindly call home we miss u a lot.”

‘Hmm my one n only bro, wish to see u soon. Come back come back come back to us. We love u’.

Others read, ‘ooooo NAZ what happened to you. u should know better than them.#ComeBack.” ‘Husbi happy to hear from u’, ‘Alhamdulilah at least we know you are alive. If this is really you . Your family love and miss you. ALLAH knows best.’

By A.R. Gomda

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