Is Bengy That I Love

Is Bengy that I love she exclaimed
Can you believe she said that
It looked more like a joke than a reality
But for the time been, she pretended it was Bengy that she loved

Just to save herself the mess she has found herself in

But deep down within her she knew Bengy was not in her heart

Pius was actually the one in her heart
But she pretended she could do without him
Just to save her pride for the mess she found herself in

She actually thought Pius was going to came pleading

Little did she know Pius wasn’t that kind of nigga

Days, weeks and months passed by
She saw no sign of Pius coming
Then she begun to realize the danger coming
Could it be that Pius has actually gone away, she meditated whilst sobbing

This is impossible she exclaimed!
I can’t pretend to love Bengy and let Pius go, nooooo, she further exclaimed!

I must go back to him, he is the one I actually love

Whatever it takes, I must get his love
Alone in her room she begun to shout
I must marry Pius the love of my heart
He is the one I love
If he doesn’t marry me then the convent will be my only source of refuge.

Is either Pius or the convent
Bengy can go burn the Atlantic Ocean
But will Pius accept me back, she took a deep breath and continued

In solitary she kept on shouting till her voice faded as she felt asleep.

Dedicated to all lovers in this month of love. Let’s love well, let’s love the right people and let’s love those who love us and do all we can to keep them at all cost. So that we don’t regret latter. Temptations will always come our way but a strong will and desire is needed to persevere.

By Pius Doozie
[email protected]

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