Invest in Gomoa Ajumako — Obirempon Krampah

The Paramount Chief of the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Council, Obirempon Nyamfo Krampah XI, has appealed to investors to invest in his paramountcy to help create jobs for the youth.

He noted that the unemployment rate in the area was very high and the only way to reduce the situation was the establishment of businesses that would offer ready employment to the youth. 

Obirempon Krampah, who doubles as the President of the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Council, said most of the youth were usually seen engaging in activities that were harmful to their lives, all due to the lack of business people to invest in the area.

Natural resources in Gomoa area
He said Gomoa consisted of three districts, namely Gomoa East, Gomoa West and Gomoa Central, which are rich in natural resources such as gold and salt, as well as arable lands for agricultural purposes. 

In addition, it has calamite and tantalite (minerals used for the manufacture of aircraft) and aside these, the paramount chief indicated that the Gomoa area had vast lands conducive for investors, and, therefore, urged them to throng the area with investments to create jobs avenues for the youth.

The paramount chief further called on the government to invest in the area due to the abundance of natural resources.

Preparation by the chief
Obirempon Krampah stated that vast lands had been specially designated for investors who would want to come on board and partner him to help create jobs, for the youth in the area. 

He described the inhabitants as very friendly, accommodating and hard-working and pledged his unflinching support for any investor, both local or foreign, who would be ready and willing to invest in the Gomoa area, especially within his paramountcy.

Obirempon Krampah commended the government for its immense contribution towards the development of the three districts and mentioned the construction of schools, Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pits (KVIPs), as well as Community Health Professionals Service (CHPS) compounds as some of the major projects undetaken in the area.

He charged the contractors working on the Gomoa Ankamo-Dawurampong-Afransi road to speed up the work to finish the road in order to help farmers transport their produce to the cities.

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