Ing. Magnus Lincoln Quarshie elected Vice President Of FAEO

The General Assembly of the Federation of African Engineering Organizations (FAEO), has elected Ing. Magnus Lincoln Quarshie as its Vice-President.

He has also been made President of the West African Engineers at the just ended World Engineering Conference held at Abuja on November 4, 2014.

The 11 th General Assembly also elected Engr. Mustafa Balarabe Shehu from Nigeria as the President of the FAEO to steer the affairs of the federation for the next two years.

Speaking to the media on his election, Ing. Magnus Lincoln Quarshie FGhIE who is the current President of the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE) said, “Ghana is strategically positioned in the Engineering profession in Africa and the World. My election as the President of West Africa Federation of engineering Organizations and a Vice President of the Federation of Africa Engineering Organizations attest to that fact”.

Explaining the role of FAEO in Africa, Engr. Mustafa Balarabe Shehu FNSE, said, “FAEO was founded in 1972 in Cairo, Egypt, then known as Federation of African Organization of Engineers, FAOE. In 2012 however, at a General Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, it was renamed as Federation of African Engineering Organizations, FAEO so that it will take-over the activities and operations of the then FAOE as well as the African Engineers Forum, AEF.

Presently, it is the only Organization representing African Engineering Institutions at World Federation of Engineering Organizations’ WFEO. It has membership from the 5 regions in Africa (West, Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern) as well as national member Institutions. The Secretariat of FAEO is being hosted in Abuja, Nigeria since May 2012 while the WAFEO is hosted in Accra, Ghana.”

He said the main objective of the Federation is to develop and direct relationship between its several member organizations on the basis of mutual understanding.

FAOE aims to foster and direct its activities for greater public good through engineering education, innovation and practice.

FAEO is poised to building engineering capacity of its members across the continent in order that our knowledge and skills could be used to improve quality of life of the African Citizens. 

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