Independent commission needed to investigate Amidu-Anas feud

MP for Asuogyaman, Kofi Osei Ameyaw is demanding the establishment of an independent commission to probe claims that government sponsored private investigations to expose corrupt judges and MPs.

According to the MP, the claims which were made by former Attorney General Martin Amidu, is “shaking the foundations of the separation of powers enshrined in the 1992 constitution.”

The separation of powers meant to keep the Executive and the Judiciary at arms’ length is being endangered and along with it the independence of judges, the MP expressed concern.

“The executive has no right to cross over to the Legislature to supervise the legislature….everybody must stay within their confines” he told Joy News’ Elton John Brobby.

Former Attorney-General, Mr. Martin ABK Amidu on Monday accused government of opportunistically using the judicial bribery scandal to hide massive political corruption.

The anti-graft crusader said, government commissioned undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas to entice and film judges collecting bribes.

He alleges that government did this after it realized that it was not getting favourable verdict against political opponents.

The popular anti-corruption campaigner says the video is being selectively used to hang corrupt judges whilst worst offenders are either rewarded or protected in the political arena.

Anas and government have separately rejected these claims and demanded for evidence.

Wading into the fluid controversy, the NPP MP says the revelations by Martin Amidu is troubling and very serious.

“If indeed what Martin Amidu is saying happened then it would appear that the Executive arm of government wants to arrogate to itself more power than the constitution gives them”.

He says the country and parliament must not become a spectator in the Martin Amidu- Anas feud.

“As a responsible country we should investigate so that we can preserve the sanctity of the [separation of power].

Kofi Osei Ameyaw says the credibility and stature of Martin Amidu as a former legal advisor to the President means his claims cannot be simply ignored or left uninvestigated.

He suggested that if the claims are found to be true then government’s controversial innuendo that it will deal with judges is true.

After a frustrating day in court, the then NDC Chairman Dr. Kwabena Adei famously said in 2010, “there are so many ways of killing a cat”, suggesting that judges were deliberately giving judgments in favour of political opponents.

Amidu’s claim contained in epistles he released need to be investigated because if they are true “then we don’t have separation of government anymore”, Osei Ameyaw expressed worry.

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