Increase Utility Tariffs Above 100% And See Our Reaction

It is a matter of public record that Ghanaians are likely to be hit with an unprecedented 150% increment in water and electricity tariffs in the coming days.

Director of Public Affairs at the Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC), Nana Yaa Gyantuah gave the hint at the latter part of this week.

This news, as expected, has been greeted with outrage by a section of the public.

Former National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Anthony Karbo is of a view that, utility service providers do not deserve any adjustments for the poor service given to Ghanaians, especially under the Mahama led administration.

Speaking on Asempa FM, Karbo threatened to lead a mass demonstration in the country if the utility tariffs are increased above 100%, stressing that Ghanaians cannot be made to pay for the inefficiencies of the current NDC government.

“Today, Ghana’s debt under President Mahama alone has shot up that Ghana Revenue Agencies Authority is unable to meet its targets in spite of some unwarranted taxes imposed on Ghanaians. I want to send a clear warning, I have heard that PURC wants to adjust utility tariffs above 100%, we (Ghanaians) are waiting.

“…We will lead and put the masses of this country out there because of this matter. The government should get down to managing this economy….that should be the prime duty of this government…they have a responsibility to better the lives of Ghanaians….,” he said.


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Increase Utility Tariffs Above 100% And See Our Reaction

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