Incest: Man jailed 15 years for incest

For sleeping with his 15-year-old younger sister and impregnating her at Oketsen, near Mankrong-Junction in the Central Region, Kofi Awadzinu, 33, has been jailed 15 years with hard labour by the Agona Swedru Circuit Court.

Awadzinu reportedly sneaked out of town with his pregnant victim ostensibly to abort the foetus in a hospital at Adeiso, where the doctor declined to terminate the pregnancy and informed the victim’s elder sister, leading to the arrest of Awadzinu.

The Presiding Judge, Mr Yaw Atta Sampson, convicted Awadzinu on his plea of guilty to the charges of incest and defilement and handed him the sentence.

Inspector S. Opoku-Mensah said the victim lived with her brother, Awadzinu, at Oketsen, near the Mankrong Junction, and added that in June 2013 Avadzinu’s wife travelled out of town.

The prosecutor said Awadzinu took advantage of his wife’s absence and continuously slept with her younger sister.

Inspector Opoku-Mensah said in November 2013, an elder sister of the victim asked her to come and live with her for a while at Weija.

According to the prosecutor, when the victim arrived at Weija, the elder sister noticed that she was pregnant.

The prosecutor said enquiries made revealed that the victim was impregnated by Awadzinu.

Inspector Opoku-Mensah said even though Awadzinu denied responsibility when he was confronted, he nevertheless sneaked out of the town with the victim to abort the pregnancy at the hospital.

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