Importation of Chinese chairs for parliament is sickening – Nunoo Mensah


Former National Security Adviser Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo Mensah has described as sickening, the importation of chairs for Ghana’s parliament from China.

He says the development is a sad one because the parliamentarians did not act in the interest of the nation.

“It is sickening to hear that we have to go to China to make seats to sit on in parliament,” he told Joy news Joseph Opoku Gakpo in an interview.

He is upset jobs have been created for nationals in China instead of Ghanaians. “I am really concerned, I am flabbergasted…. What do carpenters do here? No jobs for them and you give the job to people in China?” he noted.

Parliament was recently refurbished at a cost of more than 20 million Ghana cedis. But two days into its sitting in the renovated chamber, the seats in the house have started breaking down, prompting some MPs to demand a return of their old chairs.

Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah cannot fathom why 50 years after Dr. Kwame Nkrumah built the parliament house using Ghanaian manpower; seats have been imported from China to refurbish it.

“I am going around building schools with my own money, I am not mad, because I feel for these poor people, then you parliamentarians take our money to import furniture which you can make in Ghana, that really saddens me,” he said.

He adds: “When you look at the House of Commons in Britain, the seats are benches which have been there for decades if not centuries, they sit on them, so don’t you have any sympathies for the people of this country who don’t have even schools for their children.”

Brigadier Nunoo Mensah says the fact that Ghana is turning to the International Monetary Fund for a bailout is evidence people are struggling, and Ghana’s money need not be spent outside as if the leaders don’t care.

He wants Ghanaians to show their anger towards the parliamentarians by voting them out of power. “Society must show their abhorrence against their parliamentarians because what they have done is unforgiveable…..If the parliamentarian doesn’t serve the people’s needs, you vote them out.”

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