IMANI Hosts British High Commissioner, H.E. Jon Benjamin

British High Commissioner, H.E. Jon Benjamin

British High Commissioner, H.E. Jon Benjamin

IMANI Center for Policy and Education (2010), as part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations will host the British High Commissioner, H.E. Jon Benjamin, during a speech on the theme Integrity in Public Office, today the 27th November 2014 at Alisa Hotel, North Ridge. The High Commissioner’s Speech is part of planned activities to commemorate the anniversary celebrations.

IMANI is a local think tank which has stirred up and occupied a niche in the Ghanaian economic and political landscape for the past decade. IMANI was founded in 2004 with a mission to subject all government policies to rational choice, public choice, due diligence, vested interest and value for money. Ten years later, IMANI is now ranked as the most influential in Ghana and the 4th best think tank in Africa.

IMANI’s strength over these years has been its ability to deconstruct the obscure and convoluted economic and governance conundrums, and present them in clear, simplified and accurate format without diluting the underpinning economic, governance or socio-economic principles. IMANI’s hallmark is its consistent research and evidence based output.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, it is imperative that we bring together eminent business men, politicians, academics and individuals with vested interests in Ghana’s development. And given the influential audience and platform, we wish to tackle one of the grave developments in our governance machinery which if unchecked will reverse the growth trend, albeit small, of the country; the problem being the lack of integrity in public administration at all levels in Ghana. This has infected and woven itself into the public governance fabric manifesting in corruption. The private sector, which is the engine of growth, suffers directly as a result of the apathy that exists in the public sector.

Stated otherwise, Ghana’s present development and growth is not commensurate with the investments that have been made in the country. Over the past decades, massive foreign aid has been injected into the country to support growth and development. However, the envisaged growth has not been attained for several reasons, one of which is the financial impropriety, which IMANI wishes to tackle as part of its theme of ‘Integrity in Public Office’. The contribution of the UK government, through its various government machinery and non-governmental organizations cannot be overlooked. Given the status as the representation of the UK government in Ghana, and as a key stakeholder in Ghana’s growth, IMANI finds it fitting and appropriate that the High Commissioner graces our Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

The speech will be followed by IMANI’s annual award to the Top 5 inspirational public sector leaders. These awards are geared at the top five public agencies that have performed superbly in terms of customer focus and overall leadership. This year’s awards will have a special focus for departments or agencies that are most enabling to the private sector and the business community.,

Beyond these crucial intersections of interests, IMANI has a recent history with the UK government where recent deliberations between the two bodies have revealed a common interest in addressing the rampant corruption in the country. IMANI is committed in partnering the UK in designing a home-grown strategic approach for involving and engaging citizenry in tackling Ghana’s corruption. We supports this tactical approach as corruption can only be kicked out if each citizen is involved in battling corruption at both the macro and micro level.

Franklin Cudjoe
CEO and Founder
IMANI Center for Policy and Education

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