Image Believed To Be Angel Captured On Camera At Cecilia Marfos Church

On 31st of December last year, renowned gospel musician who doubles as a Prophetess of God, Cecilia Marfo held a church service purposely to thank God for protecting and guiding His people from the start of the year to end of it without any blemish and keeping us alive to see another new year.

Cecilia Marfo Worship Conference Centre which is also called Osorie Fie has always done so to usher themselves into the next year. At last year’s event, the service that took place at the forecourt of Osorie Fie Prayer Centre located on the Tema Akosombo Road, Afienya Mataheko First Bridge bus stop, something strange happened.

It happened that, whiles the service was going on, and the crowd was left with some few minutes to enter into the following year, Cecilia Marfo told the congregants that, she has seen a lot of Angels and Doves moving round the whole program. And whiles the worship was ongoing, there were so many people taking pictures and videos of the event.

A gentleman by name Emmanuel Annan Danso who was part of the service whiles taking pictures of the event according to him saw an image in the like of an Angel in his camera lens. According to him, he got shocked and decided to look outside the camera lens but did not see the image again, he looked into the camera again and saw the same image moving a faster mode so he quickly took two shots of the image and lo and behold, his camera was able to capture the image.

He later showed the pictures to Mr Clement Yeboah Adupedie popularly known as Kofi Clement who happens to be Cecilia Marfo’s husband to explain to him what he saw. Many who have seen the picture have wondered where that could be coming from but according to the woman of God, Cecilia Marfo, what was captured on the camera was a confirmation to what she also saw whiles she was leading the Worship.

You can visit Osorie Fie on every Friday for an All night Service from 8:30 pm to 5am and on Wednesdays in the morning from 8:30am to 2pm. God bless you for coming.

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