I’m a Christian; I am against the death penalty- Justice Apau

It is certain Justice Yaw Apau will settle for a life sentence verdict instead of a death penalty for a convicted murderer if ever he is called upon to rule on a case at the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court judge designate told members of the Appointment Committee of Parliament, Tuesday, that he has an aversion for the death penalty.

“I am against the death penalty, one as a Christian because it is retributive and it is an aspect of the mosaic law- an eye for an eye, the tooth for the tooth- and Jesus Christ came and said vengeance is for the Lord.

“So if somebody has killed why should the state also kill when the ten commandments say thou shall not kill,” the judge preached.

Justice Apau said prior to becoming a lawyer he was seriously in favour of the death penalty but with time his position has changed drastically.

“Before I became a lawyer i was a proponent for the death penalty. After becoming a lawyer i stood against it.

“First i thought it could deter but i realised that murders are caused due to several factors,” he explained.

The learned judge also pointed out that it was completely possible for an innocent person to be killed by the state under the dictates of the death penalty.

“It is too retributive it does not deter,” he stated.

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