If Alan Kyeremanten Wins Flagbearership, NPP’s Support May Decline – Ben Ephson

Pollster Ben Ephson Jnr., has advised leadership of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to tread cautiously in their selection of a suitable candidate for the party’s 2016 Presidential slot.

According to him, the party should resolve its internal conflicts or else it may affect the fortunes of the party.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Gold, he disclosed that the wranglings in the party originated from former President Kufuor, who he claimed, once abandoned the tenets of the NPP.

This, he stated, divided the party into factions.

“During Kufuor’s tenure, he abandoned the NPP party and its structures. That is why in 2005, when there was that congress in Legon, the slogan for the anti-Kufour; “Yeregye Yen Party”. That is why Stephen Ntim lost…” so, during Kufuor’s time, “he did not strengthen the grassroots. He abandoned the party. So, from then on, the anti-Kufuor stance in the NPP took roots and his open support for Alan too did not help matters in terms of his support within the NPP,” he disclosed.

He claimed the conflicts within the NPP may weaken its structures and therefore held strongly that Nana Addo should take the ‘back seat’ in politics and “use his popularity in the party to bring the various factions together” so as to build strong ties in the party.

“Weakened NPP is not good for democracy. If the NPP is going to be weak, then another party should rise up and be strong to keep the party on its toes.”

Also, touching on the election of a suitable candidate for the party, Ben Ephson advised the NPP not to elect a candidate from any of the two factions (the Akyem faction and Asante faction).

He believed the NPP will survive the test of time should the party pitch a neutral candidate for the Presidential slot, come 2016.

To him, the election of Alan Kyerematen as potential flagbearer for the party may decline the party’s support base because he seemingly has lost the trust of the members.

Providing evidence for his claims, Ben Ephson revealed that after the Supreme Court verdict on Thursday, August 29, 2013; Alan Kyerematen was heckled by the party members, which gives a negative signal about his credibility.

“Alan was heckled to statements like “you’re now satisfied, you’ve got your result. Just after the Supreme Court verdict, the leading members went to Nana’s house and this is what happened there…There’s trouble in the NPP.”

“If Alan Kyeremateng happens to win the flagbearership slot, for the first time, you may see a decline in the support of people.”



If Alan Kyeremanten Wins Flagbearership, NPP’s Support May Decline – Ben Ephson

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