IEA Call To Abolish EC Strong Room Not Enough!—CODGHA

The Institute of Economic Affairs (I.E.A) in a press release with respect to suggestions to Electoral Reforms did make some proposals to the electoral commission of Ghana. In the said press release it called for the abolition of EC’s strong room and instead be replaced with a National Collation Centre as a means of demystifying the negative and derogatory connotations associated with the centre.

CODGHA is however astonished about this suggestion as we believe the setting up of a National Collation Centre which will be opened and accessible to as many political party representatives, the media, election observers and other civil society organisations would be a recipe for disaster and likely to even heighten the political tension during declaration of Election results.

Instead of creating a National collation centre, the EC should rather focus on creating strong rooms at all regional offices in the country. We are of the firm believe that these decentralised strong rooms would make it easier for Political parties, Civil Society Groups, Media, and Election Observers to easily track figures and monitor errors as they trickle in to the centre. Administrative and other clerical errors such as over voting, ballot stuffing, duplicate serial number(s), no signatures could easily be attended to at their respective regional level since the elections would be certified and declared on regional bases.

It’s almost a week as we asked the Electoral Commission to give Ghanaians explanations as to why it has altered the unique identity and in some instance reprinted new voters ID cards for voters who registered during the 2012 Biometric Registration Exercise. The Commission has been silent on the issue, but our next line of action on this matter shall be duly communicated to the public.

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