I would have fixed the energy problem long ago – Kofi Wayo

Founder and leader of the United Renaissance Party (URP) Charles Kofi Wayo is concerned about the forgetful attitude of Ghanaians as he recollects his desire to fix the energy crises when he first returned to Ghana from America.

He said, “When I came, if you people remember, I said you were going to have energy crisis, let me solve it for you, it wouldn’t have cost you anything if you had supported me. But you black people were abusing me, saying Kofi Wayo is crazy, he is broke don’t pay attention to him because I was taking taxi.”

“By now you would have 5000 megawatt of power, and fuel would have been GHc1.80 because I know the business and I have practical field experience.”

Answering why both the previous and current government didn’t implement his solution to the energy crises, Mr. Wayo said, “They are corrupt, they wanted bribe and I won’t pay it, not in my country.”

The controversial politician and businessman made the comments during an interview with Kwame B on Cruise Control on Hitz FM.

Chuck, as he is popularly called, said, President John Mahama, even though he is culpable, is not responsible for the country’s current power problems.

“John Mahama is not responsible for our power problem but he is culpable and the problem is that, the same people who got us into the problem are still the same people over there.”

“The reason why you have not achieved energy here is because the Managing Director lives like the ‘maharajah of Pookajee’ (maharajah of Pookajee is a cartoon benevolent king who hands out rubies for random acts of kindness).

“Go and see the cars they have, hundred thousand dollar cars, nobody arrests him and he is not afraid, in America they would have been arrested,” he affirmed.

“We will never make any progress unless we begin from where we have to begin; build new chances,” Mr. Wayo added.

Ghana is currently rationing power due to shortfalls in power being generated by the country’s power producing companies.

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