I Wasnt Interested In Acting Joseph Sahyoun

Joseph Sahyoun and Ex-President Jerry Rawlings

New but aged Ghanaian actor Joseph Sahyoun has been explaining his stint in Ghana’s movie industry and said he didn’t deliberately become an actor.

According to him, acting wasn’t something he set out to do but it came to him because of his perceived striking semblance to ex-President Jerry John Rawlings.

He got his first movie role in 2012 Ghanaian movie, Pledge, which was about Ghana’s political history, in which he played the character of the former president.

“I am not related to former President Jerry John Rawlings. But my senior brother was in the army with him.  So I knew him when he was not a president.  I don’t think he even remembers me now.  But everybody says I look like him that’s why I agreed to play a part in the Pledge movie,” he told NEWS-ONE in an interview.

“I wasn’t interested in acting but when they said they wanted someone to play Papa J, I accepted it. The story was actually good. It was about the politics of Ghana and I decided I would do it. From there on I got invitations to do other movies. Actually, I am doing it for fun.  Sometimes I do enjoy it but it comes to sometimes that when the management is not correct, I don’t enjoy it. But it’s cool. At least, I am getting some small revenue from it,” he added.

Currently, he is starring alongside James Gardner, Christabel Ekeh, Helen Asante, Michelle Hammond and others in the upcoming movie, Candle In The Wind by Venus Films. Directed by Pascal Amanfo, the movie will premiere on January 1, 2016 at Silverbird Cinemas.

“There is a scene in the movie I nearly shed tears because I was touched by the story. I even forgot I was acting. I just hope the producer will get his money back,” he said about his role.

Joseph revealed that before acting he was a sea man on an Israeli ship.  

“I am sea man. I came home around December 2000. Since then I have just been moving left and right. I used to drive a Ford from Togo border to Ivory Coast border but my daughter wanted to go to nursing training and I had no money so I had to sell the car. Now I am not doing anything. I am just acting here and hope to get somewhere in the future. Now I live in Kumasi.”

Joseph was born to a Palestinian father and Ghanaian mother. His father is dead but his mother is alive.

“You know all these Palestinians and Arabs when they come to Ghana they call themselves Lebanese. My dad is Palestinian. He was born in Israel and I happened to work on an Israeli ship so I know his home but he doesn’t know his home because he left there during the war time. He was about four years old then. But now he is dead. He died here in Ghana. My mother is from the Ashanti Region. She is old now. You see me; I am old so you will know she is old,” he said about his family.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50   Email: [email protected] )

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