I Was A ‘Tomboy’ – Former Ghana’s Most Beautiful Delegate Reveals

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. – Norman Vincent Peale

In life, there are times where some well educated individuals with their Degrees and PhD’s, finds it very difficult to associate them in the society they live in because of their low self-esteem and the composition of their personality.

Many are those intellectuals in societies, who can write their thesis but yet still they find it very difficult to stand in the public domain to present their ideas for it to be accepted.

These were the stories of some delegates who participated in this years Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) beauty pageant which was organized by TV3 Network. If you watched these years GMB, then I trust you are much acquainted with Nana – one of the delegates.

In an interview she said “you didn’t see me earlier so you cannot see the changes in me. I was a ‘tomboy’. The way I used to dress in my jackets, style my natural hair and walk, you will go like, is she a lady? But I have been transformed to a real lady after my grooming during the pageant”.

Achawa who represented the Greater Accra Region said “I owe my chaperone a lot because I came into the competition with the name ‘Naa’ and after I told her about my project she advised me to change my name to ‘Achawa’. I was in the conference room looking at her and said to myself this woman ‘paaa ah!’ But when the competition went on, I realized it was an awesome name because everywhere I got to, everyone goes like Achawa, Achawa”.

She concluded by saying “Miss Nancy is a wonderful woman because I took her advice and it worked for me”.

Lamin also revealed that, she was a very quiet and reserved lady but she was told by her chaperone that being quiet and reserved does not make one a lady but being bubbly and able to receive people makes you a lady.

Miss Nancy Adobea Anane (Chaperone and personal groomer for 2014 GMB) lived with the delegates, educated and groomed them and they are who they are now.

Born on 26th March, Miss Nancy, after her secondary education at St Monica’s Girls senior high furthered it by entering into the Institute of Business Management & Journalism in Kumasi. She is currently working at the Brands and Events office at Starr103.5FM in Accra.

However, Miss Nancy is also a proud image projection and personal grooming consultant due to her passion to transform lives and also adding value to many individuals who needs their confident boosted or wants to stand out and not mix in, or better still want to move with grace and style .

Three years down the line, she started with what she calls the ‘personal grooming school’ in the Ashanti Region, moving from one senior high school to another to teach the ladies how to talk, walk , dress, use cutleries and some mannerisms among others, which then was supported by Beauty Lady sanitary pad.

Touching on what inspires her she said “Day in day out, I get in contact with people who needs their confidence enhanced, some needs to rebrand themselves whilst others need personal grooming. These are things that are not taught in school. There are great people in our society instead of them being honored; they get ridiculed because of the image they project.

“So I do the image projection and personal grooming to help enhance the confidence of people, repackage them and make sure that whoever you are and whatever you stand for you shall be able to project that with your self-packaging.” Says Miss Nancy

Trust me, after my interview with Miss Nancy Adobea Anane I was totally transformed as a reporter. I learnt how to brand and market myself well to the general public.

Story Written By: CypressGhana

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