I Thank God Juliet Ibrahim Left IK Ogbonna-Sonia, IKs Wife

Wife of popular Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, Sonia Morales in an exclusive interview with www.broadwayafrica.com said she is grateful to God popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim eventually broke up with IK Ogbona when they (Juliet and IK) dated, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to marry him.

Responding to question on whether she was embarrassed IK compiled and posted a pictorial video to win the heart of Juliet back after they (Juliet and IK) broke up, Sonia said there is nothing to be embarrassed about. ‘She is in the past’ she said and points out the fact that she is quite happy and grateful to God the relationship did not work because if it had, she wouldn’t be with IK. ‘Juliet is in his past. I also have past. When I think of our experiences, I am very grateful to God and her for leaving him (for me). I am grateful. If she didn’t, I wouldn’t have IK now’, she said.

IK and Juliet had a whirlwind romance that criss cross the two West African countries-Nigeria and Ghana and took the lovebirds to different vacation spots. But it didn’t work out as Juliet was said to have called it quit. IK wanted her back but Juliet would have none of it especially when she already had a bad marriage. Juliet’s loss however became Sonia’s gain as the pretty lady of Colombian descent said marrying IK has made her life better.

‘When a woman meets a man, she tries to impress him but I didn’t do that when I met IK. He is comfortable with my worse and sees the best I am not aware exist in me. My life wasn’t like this before, IK has made my life better. He is like my parent, seeing that i turn out better. I have travelled to different parts of the world and met different types of people but somehow we ended up together. It is something that is meant to be by God. He has made me a better person’.

Before IK’s dalliance with women came to fore, rumour persist that he is a gay, with legion of male bed companions. The Colombian beauty dismiss the rumour with hysteric laughter.

‘Fine boys always get attacked with this kind of talk, it is not just in Nigeria. I lived in Paris for long, I know gay people when I see them. I knew he was not a gay because I can smell gay afar. That talk doesn’t make sense’ she said.

Sonia, mother of one who has a degree in Social Politics (Political Science) from University of Belgrade (the oldest and largest university from Serbia, Europe) is a life and relationship coach, has a blog. She speaks thirteen languages and has started picking a few Yoruba word from African Magic Yoruba. she says, acquiring new language makes her feel at home, now that Sonia is learning Nigerian languages, IK should have no worry of another beau leaving him, Sonia is feeling at home!

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