I SAW DEATH WITH MY EYES. Paralysed For 2 Years. Doctors Said I Won’t Talk Again – Yaw Sarpong Tells His Story

Yaw Sarpong (left) and his producer
Veteran gospel musician Yaw Sarpong has told NEWS-ONE a rather horrific story about a near death experience that rendered him completely paralysed for two years, with doctors saying he could never walk nor talk again.

‘I have been sick. I was bedridden and could not stand on my feet or walk for about two years. People actually thought I was dead. Some radio stations in Kumasi even reported my death but they have come to me to apologise. I thank God I am alive,’ Yaw Sarpong told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview.

Yaw Sarpong could not tell the exact sickness that attacked him but said it started with symptoms of Malaria in 2012 and continued for three months.

He sought medical attention but doctors found nothing wrong with him.

‘Within the same period, I started growing lean, I couldn’t eat and all that. One day I slept and the next morning I couldn’t wake up to go and urinate. I tried several times to stand up but I couldn’t,’ he revealed.

According to him, he was taken to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi but several scans on him revealed nothing. He was then transferred to the 37 Military Hospital in Accra for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test.

‘They also did their MRI test on me and their results showed that something round was on my spinal cord at the neck level and they believed that was what paralysed me. They said they had to operate me but they would have to cut my throat first. That was the only way they could get access to the round thing on my spinal cord. But they warned me that after the operation I would never be able to talk and walk again. It was a serious point in my life.

Despite Group of Companies came to save me and support me financially and I asked them to contact Komfo Anokye Hospital to tell them about the results they had from the MRI in Accra. So the doctors there asked us to bring the results.

‘They bought a ticket to take me back to Kumasi but when we got to the Airport too, Aviation said they couldn’t take me because I could not walk. If I were on crutches they could have allowed me but with the condition I was in, they would have to remove the plane’s seats, which was not possible. But later we managed to get to Komfo Anokye. It was there that fellow musician Wofa Asumeni came with the info that there was this pastor who uses herbs and prayers to heal. He is called Bishop JY Aidoo. My family took his advice and took me there. By God’s grace I stayed there for about one year going through prayers and using herbs till I was able to get up or got my healing.

‘Rumours occasionally made the rounds that I was dead. Some radio stations used to say that I was dead—some came to apologise to me. On my sick bed I promised God that I would share with people what happened to me and let them know that there is nothing God can’t do. Bishop JY Aidoo proved to me that there is nothing God can’t do. All the doctors and everybody said it is a miracle. Dr Baffour said anywhere I will stand to share my experience, if they call him he will come and testify because he knows what they saw and that God saved me,’ he added.

Yaw Sarpong presenting 10, 000 cheque to the hospital officials

Last Friday, Yaw Sarpong donated an amount of GHȼ 10,000 and some food items including 25 bags of rice, sugar and wheat among others, to inmates of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital as part of his activities to thank God for saving his life.

About a month ago, Sarpong staged a big show at the Korle Bu Maternity Park for sick persons at the hospital.

In January, he will also release his next album titled Nine to further thank God.

‘It is nine because Jesus healed 10 persons who were afflicted by leprosy but only one came back to thank Jesus. So ask yourself where the rest of the nine are. After my sickness, I have to thank God. So I am reminding the rest of the nine out there, if you were sick and you were healed and you didn’t thank God then you are part of the nine. That is why I titled the album Nine. Everyone God has done something for, whether passing your exams or getting a job, etc, you must thank Him,’ he explained.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50   Email: [email protected])


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