I Never Knew I Could Act – Jon Germain

Jon Germain
Musician and television presenter Jon Germain, has for the first time spoken about his experience acting in the award-winning movie, ‘Northern Affair’, directed by Leila Djansi.

Jon said that was the very first time he was acting in a movie and the outcome was more than he ever expected.

‘It was great working with Leila Djansi, because she knows what she wants so much that it makes everything easy for me. The most difficult part is the fact that, in my head, I thought I can never act. But someway somehow, Leila got me to believe that I can play the role. I think if I did well, I will give all the credit to Leila. I got goose bumps while watching the movie and kept asking myself: is this what we shot? I think it came out well,’ Jon Germain told NEWS-ONE.

Though the movie won multiple awards at the just ended 2013 Ghana Movie Awards, Jon, also known as ‘the supremo’ says he prefers to concentrate on his music and TV careers and act on the sidelines.

‘Truly I think I have gotten to a stage that I should say, never say never, because I truly didn’t want to act. I truly didn’t have an interest because I thought I can’t act. Now I so genuinely want to concentrate on music and TV. But never say never, if Spielberg calls me to say what’s up,’ he added.

By Francis Addo (@fdee50)

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