I made the videos but I didn’t leak them – father of Tiffany’s son

Frank Kwame Gambrah, the man at the centre of an alleged leaked sex tape of songstress Itz Tiffany has denied leaking the said videos.

Itz Tiffany, born Tiffany Owusu, has condemned in no uncertain terms the circulation of sexually-explicit videos involving her and the father of her son, Frank.

Two of the videos, she said, were recorded while she was legally married to her ex-husband and she is utterly shocked that the father of her only child would do such a disgusting thing.

In a statement she released Tuesday , the musician said regrettably, a third video of extremely explicit naturehas been released but emphasised that the person in the video is not her. She has stated that she has no knowledge of the persons involved in that video.

Frank, speaking in an interview on Neat FM Tuesday, admitted recording the video but vehemently denied ever leaking the video.

“The videos were like personal property. They weren’t something meant to be out …at that period of time I was in a relationship with her,” he said.

“I will never do something like that, especially [when] I’ve got a kid with her. I love my kid so much, I’ve been looking after him. There is no way I will do that and it is just ridiculous for her to think that.”

As to how the videos leaked, Frank said he has no idea and stressed that he left “a couple of my properties [including phones] with my friends and families,” when he visited Ghana about five years ago.

The UK-based Ghanaian who says he is upset about the development added that “I know people are putting it out there because they are trying to get to her.”

Frank, who claimed no one has a copy of the video, said he has been trying to get to the bottom of this development. He said he recorded the video because he was shocked she said she will curse him.

During the recording “I did say that,” I will put it on Youtube “because it was shocking to me” but he will never do that.

Asked what might have sparked this unfortunate incident, Frank said “there’s not even been bickering, things were not working out.”

Reacting to Itz Tiffany’s press statement, he said “I’m really sorry for her… I understand her trying to blame me because the videos were shot by me.”

Touching on custody issues, Frank said Itz Tiffany “has never taken me to court… I took her to court because my son was not being looked after properly because she didn’t have time…I want my son to get the best.”

Frank, who disclosed he served jail time, said he saw Itz Tiffany two weeks ago when she was in London.

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