I Dont Trust Men Actress Vicky Zugah

Actress Vicky Zugah says due to the abusive nature of her father, she cannot trust men.

The actress was on Delays show on Viasat 1 to talk about her life experience, give advice and the effect of her recent accident on her life and career as a whole.

“My father used to beat my mother and because it happened in front of me, I do not trust guys. I still have that fear in me. The fear is so strong to the extent that, even if a guy threatens me verbally, I freak out.”

According to the actress, any time she hears any threat of that sought from a guy, pictures of her past experiences comes back to mind. She added that, she has ever been a victim of an abusive relationship.

“The thing is that, when you do that, it takes my mind back. The reason is I have been in that situation before, I was in a relationship where the guy used to beat me so my mom told my dad about it and he advised I quit.

“His reason was that, he has been in that state before and he could have killed the lady so I should run for my life,” she said.

Vicky started acting about 10 years ago when she was recommended to a director. She has a large number of movies to her credit.

Among them are Keeping the Promise, Twixted, The Bible, My Dearest Princess, Girls Connection, Stand by me, Agatha, Pretty Queen, The Bible, The Return of Beyonce, Tears of Womanhood, Pretty Queen, True Colours, Girls Connection, Big Girls Club, Araba Lawson, June 4th, Cross my Heart, and Total Exchange .

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