I Cry For The Future Of Gospel Music In Ghana—Nicholas Omane Acheampong

Ghanaian gospel artist, Nicholas Omane Acheampong has stated that gospel music in the country has no bright future if the attitudes of some artists towards the call duty are not changed.

According to the multimillion worded artist, the enriched cultures of Ghana are gradually giving way for the foreign cultures in their gospel songs.

In an exclusive interview with Seancitygh.com’s writer, Anning Oscar (OGEE), the “Aposor” man is not happy about the way entertainment and foreign cultures have eaten into the gospel music.

“Gospel music is not meant for only entertainment. Most of the works coming out today have turned into entertainment. I am not saying gospel music should not entertain but it should be about 10 percent.

The enriched Ghanaian culture which we were brought up with are given way to that of the foreign cultures.Some gospel musicians put on caps and spectacles in their music videos. Meanwhile, you are communicating with God. In the olden days, you can not go to an elderly person with your spectacle or cap on.

You will take it before even greeting. That shows that there’s respect for the elderly. Why have we decided to throw this away? We have decided to introduce these fashions in our music videos. Our humbled cultures should reflect in our musics. Now most gospel musics have turned to dancing. A gospel music must preach the word and to encourage as well, not to entertain only”. He added stop the copy and paste and write your own songs .

Revealing his secret for his about 20 years outstanding performance in the gospel music, the “Zaphnatpania” hitmaker attributed it to his respect for the culture of Ghana and creative way of writing. He however urges his colleagues in the industry to change their trend they are going and go back for the culture of Ghana, hence, reflecting in their works(gospel songs) .

Nicholas Omane Acheampong has been in the gospel music industry for about 20 years. He is distinguished in the industry for his creative lyrics and terms used in his music. He is best remembered in his gospel dynamic terms like Tabithakum, Zaphnatpania, Mahashaba and his recent trending one, Aposor.

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