I Choose Money Over Love – Actor James Gardner

Popular Ghanaian actor James Gardner has said money would come first should he be offered the opportunity to choose between love and money.

The actor made this disclosure while reacting to questions about a recent role he played in Venus film’s upcoming movie, Candle In The Wind.

James who played the role of George in the new movie was offered a huge sum of money and properties to abandon the love of his life and marry his boss’ daughter.

According to him, from the face of it, he won’t hesitate to take such an offer in real life, adding that he would do that because he wouldn’t know what would happen subsequently.

However, with regard to what subsequently happened in the movie, where he had to kill his own child to protect the money, he said he wouldn’t have gone to that extent.

‘If I were in that situation the character was in—I don’t mean now; I think the guy took too long—I will overdo it because I wouldn’t know what will lay in stock for me in the future. I didn’t know I would have to kill my baby and stuff like that.

‘At the beginning I thought it was just about rendering me incapable of giving birth again and I can’t sleep with any other lady and just stay in that marriage and then I get all I want. So it sounded easy but later it turned out to be something else. But if I have to take a decision because I wouldn’t know what will happen in the future…I will definitely do it,’ he told journalists at the movie’s press release when he was asked what he would have done in real life if he was confronted with such a situation as it happened in the movie.

James remains one of Ghana’s fine actors. He has acted in quite a number of Ghanaian movies and has often been described an actor with good charisma.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50 Email: [email protected])

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