I Cant Use Revolutionary Tactics To Fight Corruption Prez Mahama

President John Dramani says much as he is committed to fighting corruption in the Ghanaian society; he cannot use radical tactics to achieve his aim.

He said in a democratic country like Ghana which is bound by a constitution, he can only implement his ideas in fighting corruption through the legal system.

He said while some of the measures he has put in place in tackling corruption are yielding results, others are not because the personalities involved in such acts are thwarting the efforts through the court system.

For example, he said in the case of businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome, if the regime would have been that of a military one, he would have personally arrested him, locked him up until he refunds the GH₵51million he illegally took from the State.

However, since the country is being governed through the democratic system, he could only sit down and watch for the laws of the land to take its cause.

“I was speaking to one of my colleague head of states and he said something very instructive. He said when I was a military ruler, I just arrested the people and they were guilty until they proved themselves innocent. He said but today as a civilian ruler, when I can’t arrest but even when I arrest them, they are innocent until I prove them guilty. That is democracy – we can’t eat our cake and have it.”

“As I am speaking today, the Attorney General has been served. Somebody has filed a writ at the Supreme Court to say that the Court has no jurisdiction in that judgment in the case against Woyome. If we did not have the constitution and I was the head of state, I would have gone and grab the guy and locked him up until he’s proven innocent but you must follow due process – the law”, he said.

He added “You can’t use revolutionary justice on them. You have to go through the legal system”.

President Mahama made this observation when addressing journalists at a press conference at the Flagstaff House in Accra on Tuesday.

He said much as his administration doing its best in cleansing the country from corruption, a lot will depend on the citizenry.

He said it is about time the country works towards achieving a cashless society, believing that such a measure will go a long way in curbing the menace.

“You don’t only wait for corruption to happen to sanction it – you must put in place the instrument that prevents people from being corrupt and that is one of the things that this government is doing. We are implementing the GIFMIS public finance management program. It takes away the human element of manual invoices among many others.”

“We must also work for a cashless society. We carry too much money in this country. Go to Kenya, they use mobile phones to pay for goods. We carry a lot of money to go to the supermarket. If I am driving a car and a policeman stops me that you passed through a red light and I have a debit card, can I pay him a bribe? If he asks for a bribe – I will say bring your point of sales device. So we must work to reduce the amount of cash we carry in this country and we must put the systems in place that will make it difficult for people to demand or accepts bribes from us.”

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