I Can’t Live the BukBak Dream Alone—Bright

Bright the only surviving member of Buk Bak, the music duo, who is in Ghana to mourn and bury his half music duo, revealed to Dzifa on the late night celebrity show on etv that it is just impossible for him to live the BukBak dream alone.

He explained ”Buk Bak was being known with a slogan i can’t live the but bak dream alone. It was a movement, that we built as a solid brand to mentor others”.

Revealing on the show the reason why he has being in the states for 10 Years, he said he is schooling, even though he refused to reveal the course he is currently doing he just promised it will be a surprise to Ghanaian but he will be taking care of people in the hospital.

Talking about Ronnie, he promised If he were in Ghana Ronnie wouldn’t have died because of his background in the field.

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