I Can Foresee Animosity Until 2016 – Adu Asare

Former Member of Parliament for the Adenta Constituency, Kojo Adu Asare has opined that he “can foresee animosity (rearing its ugly head) all over until 2016” if Ghanaians do not stop the penchant of looking at everything through political lenses.

“I plead with everyone to remember that we have chalked a mile stone which requires that we will move on as a nation. No matter the party affiliation, we need to look forward and avoid issues that will split us,” he admonished.

The former MP was speaking in relation to the controversy generated by comments attributed to Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, counsel for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the just ended election petition.

Lawyer Tsikata is said to have released a bombshell accusing Justice Anin-Yeboah, one of the nine justices who presided over the election petition at the Supreme Court of favouring the petitioners and for that matter the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in his utterances and actions.

His remarks have led to some raining insults on the renowned lawyer and condemning him for making such a statement after the ruling of the Supreme Court.

Adu Asare is of the view that the tension mounting in the country is unnecessary especially when the country appears ‘so calm and peaceful’.

“We should talk about constructive and not destructive issues. What is important is moving the country forward and not the political talk; shifting blames here and there. This issue (Tsatsu Tsikata accusing Anin-Yeboah) is going to create division and confusion as well as raise tension in the country. Whatever things are true, whatever things are pure, whatever things are just, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; these are the things we should think about…

“Things that can cause confusion needs to be avoided as much as we can because that is where we are going again soon after the Supreme court case is over. I am talking not only to a particular person; it’s everybody…I don’t see the use. If the elections were not able to unite us in January and the election petition could not also unite us in August, then what else will?”


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I Can Foresee Animosity Until 2016 – Adu Asare

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