I can do better than Obour- Appietus

Popular sound engineer Appiah Dankwa known by many as Appietus says he would do better than Obour the current president of MUSIGA if he is giving the chance.

Appietus believes Obour should be kicked out as the president of MUSIGA because he has failed most musicians. “Musicians are no longer interested in registering with MUSIGA because they don’t benefit anything from it”

“What has Obour done since he became president of MUSIGA, I don’t musicians are happy with him and that is the reason he should be voted out. He is supposed to be there for musicians but that is not what is happening” he said.

Talking about his chances of winning, Appietus who is known for recording many hit songs in Ghana said it is a done deal because he is the best person for the job.

“I don’t see anyone doing the job better than myself but in case I don’t get the nod, I will not be surprised because anything can happen” he added.

Asked about some the things he will introduce if he emerges president of MUSIGA, Appietus said among others, he has plans to collaborate with financial institutions to acquire tour buses for easy movement of artistes to their various shows.

“ I will also work with the National Communications Authority (NCA) and the media houses to have more local content on their various platforms to promote the Ghanaian culture.

“ As part of the things I will do to enhance the operations of MUSIGA, I will bring together all the stakeholders in the Ghanaian music industry such as music producers, sound engineers, artistes managers, publicists, media houses, music video directors among others to devise a strategic plan to take the industry to different heights”, he added.

He said for members of MUSIGA who don’t earn any income, “ I have plans to collaborate with the banks to help give them facilities that can generate income for them before their music breakthrough.

“MUSIGA will guarantee the facilities but members will be required to live up to the terms and conditions of any facility they are given so that more members can be enrolled into the programme”, he added.

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