I Am Taking Over The Media Founder Gh Media School

The founder, rector and TV presenting lecturer of GH Media School Mr. Leslie Addo Listowell, has stated that he intends to take over the Ghanaian Media in the next five years.

The outspoken and irreproachable rector made this statement on an interview granted to him recently by one of his students at the School’s premises.

According to him, he is looking at a future where graduates of the award winning school, GH Media will be planted and spread out in almost all the print and electronic media houses in the nation.

As a presenter himself and a T.V Presenting Lecturer, he further stated that T.V Presenting has always been categorized under Broad Cast Journalism, however his School is the only media institution that treats and focuses on T.V presenting as a course.

He claimed the copy right of this module which he said has been adopted by Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) and the Association of Private Media Schools.

The father of two and the television icon has produced several Television Programmes including tv Marketing on Crystal T.V, Kiddie Time on TV 3, Gospel t.v on Top and Multi T.V, Campus Filla on Multi T.V and many other programmes on different Channels. He swanked of having had some of his graduates at Amansan T.V, Home Base, Kantanka T.V, Care T.V, and United T.V and so on.

GH Media School which recently won the Most Promising School at the 2015 Ghana Tertiary Awards is located at Abofu, Achimota.

It is one of the fastest growing media schools in Ghana, structured to train and professionalize talents for the media industry.

The institution is accredited by COTVET AND G.E.S. The School focuses on a larger percentage of practical work with the availability of state of the art Television and radio studio.

The School offer courses such as T.V Presenting, Radio Presenting, Producing and Directing, Sound and Lighting and all the courses needed in our highly competitive media industry.

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