How Credible Is The Ghana Music Award?

I really don’t follow the Ghana music Award because in my opinion,I think the Ghanaian musicians and scheme organizers haven’t been serious.

On the part of the organizers… it is that time of the year (their cocoa season), where partners will throw in money.

In the past few weeks around the time where nominations were opened, there were arguments and debate on social media platforms on whether Shatta Wale was going to file nominations for this year’s music award.

I wondered why that should be an issue?
I also saw some logos with the inscription, Boycott VGMA, others also read, No Shatta no MUSIC AWARD.

Not long after, the dude turned in his nomination and was coated to have said, ‘I had to do it for my fans’.

Shatta wale has attitude. We can’t deny the fact that his music and his attitude are two different things.

You can hate his personality and love his music or an unlikely vice versa.

I found it very strange for a national scheme organizer like Charter House to demand an apology from Shatta Wale before he can be considered for this year’s award. What crap?

It is the GHANA MUSIC award they are organizing and not Ghana Respectful musician’s award.

What they are supposed to be looking at is, does Shatta qualify for the categories he filed for?

You are denying a Ghanaian musician nomination on the premise of some Vendetta you have with him as an individual and not his music? I don’t get it.

This is like saying someone isn’t Ghanaian because he talked bad about the President or like saying an individual wouldn’t use the Metro mass buses because he talked about the rebranding deal.

If that is the case, then I can deduce that the award scheme, from the opening of the scheme to the presenting of the awards has always been a fraud, because it has gone to people you’ve been in good standing with.

In any case why should musicians turn in their nominations for award schemes?

So if a song did very well and the musician doesn’t file his nomination, it means the award will go to someone else? Funny isn’t it?

Charter House please gets serious.
Musiga get serious
Ghanaian musicians get serious; don’t let people treat you like rugs all in the name of awards.

Also stand united and learn to stand for each other.

CHARTER HOUSE, Don’t mix your work with emotions. Thank you.

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