Hotel staff reveal the secrets they don’t want guests to know

Having a stay away in a hotel is seen as a luxury for many. You’re waited on hand and foot, eat delicious food and don’t have to worry about things such as laundry and cleaning up after yourself.

But there are a group of people for which hotels aren’t the most magical, luxurious of places – the staff.

Using the anonymous app Whisper, cleaners, waiting staff and maids who work full-time in hotels have revealed the things that annoy them most about guests.

1. One user wrote that depending on how polite a guest is, it might have an effect on which room you’re placed in.

2. Another revealed that though they clean the bed sheets some of the extras, such as blankets, almost never get washed.

3. Another user said that sometimes they don’t even change the sheets properly – they sometimes just sweep the bed with a lint roller before moving on to a different room.

4. A staff member who works with room service revealed that before sending food up to the rooms, they may tuck in before it gets to you.

5. Another receptionist revealed that if a guest happens to annoy them, they’ll deactivate their room key so they can’t access their room.

6. However, one person shared a cheerful story, explaining that sometimes if someone can’t afford a room, they’ll set them up for free.

So, this just goes as a warning – be good to hotel staff.

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