Hosting terror suspects: Ghana is righting US wrong – Amaliba

A member of the NDC legal team Abraham Amaliba has argued that one of government’s reasons for accepting former inmates of Guantanamo Bay was to correct wrongs perpetuated by the United States of America.

He opined that some of the detainees were wrongly detained as terrorist suspects therefore there was the need to right those wrong perceptions.

Ghana is playing host to two Yemen nationals detained at the Bay for 14 years accused of working for terrorist group Al-queada. They are among 17 others who in recent times have been cleared by the US of engaging in any terrorist act.

The two Yemeni men transferred to Ghana are Khalid Mohammed Salih al-Dhuby and Mahmmoud Omar Mohammed Bin Atef . Both were born in Saudi Arabia but are considered citizens of Yemen based on their family and tribal ties, according to military dossiers leaked by Pvt. Chelsea Manning.

A statement by Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister said the two would be allowed to resettle in Ghana for a period of two years. The statement also said government responded to calls to accommodate them due to grave humanitarian crises in Yemen.

Speaking on Joy FM/Multi TV current affair show, Newsfile Saturday, Abraham Amaliba insisted that the two “are not terrorists”.

They were only rounded up and made to go to detention camp for 14 years but the US could not find any act of terrorism against them, he explained.

“It is therefore wrong for someone to call them terrorists,” he asserted.

“What we are doing is righting the wrong” caused by the US, he stated.

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