HILLA! The Epic Story No Cash For Hilla Liman Documentary

Not a single company in Ghana has agreed to support the production budget for a documentary on the life and legacy of the late Dr Hilla Limann, former President of Ghana under the Third Republic.

‘The truth is that a lot of companies, especially the corporate entities, are reluctant to sponsor the premiere. There was the head of one bank who said Dr Limann had done a lot for the country and he the head of the bank in particular, but he would not like his bank to be seen to be sponsoring the documentary because some may see it as partisan or political,’ Juniad Alexandre Limann, a nephew of the late president who had to self-sponsor the entire production of the documentary, told NEWS-ONE.

Juniad Limann said the documentary would be premiering on December 13 at the College for Physicians and Surgeons at Ridge in Accra and that it was exceptionally challenging to even gather materials for the production because Ghana has very little reference materials on the legacy, achievements and life of the former president.

‘We actually got pieces of old footage, though it was very difficult to come across. I went to GBC and they searched through their archives and were able to get about only two minutes of Dr Limann’s inauguration ceremony. We went to the public records office and they had absolutely nothing on Dr Limann. No wonder in the interview his wife said she suspects there is an effort to wipe out Dr Limann’s records and legacy from Ghana’s history,’ he added.

Juniad said the documentary would inspire many people and also enlighten the current generation of Ghanaians on who Dr Limann was and what he did for the country.

‘We are telling history and if it happens that the history steps on your toes, it is not our fault because it is not fiction and the truth can be easily proven. I think Ghana has had a habit of not celebrating our heroes and that may explain why these days, people do not want to go an extra mile for the country; because when you do that people do not recognise and appreciate you. Dr Limann has been a victim of circumstances in that respect.

‘F.K. Buah was his Minister of Education and when F.K. Buah was writing his book, ‘History of Ghana’, the entire book summarised Dr Limann’s achievements in half a page. It was really bad and made it look like Dr Limann achieved absolutely nothing.

Mariam Bobtoya, the script writer with Junaid Limann, the director

‘But the DC 10 that has been converted into a restaurant today was bought by Dr Limann between the short period he was in office. He bought an additional Black Star Line to the fleet of ships we had by then. When he took power no other country wanted to do business with Ghana and there was shortage of essential commodities. But he was able to solve these challenges and we can’t overlook these things,’ Juniad noted.

Denying that the aim of the production was to make profit, he said: ‘We are not looking at making any financial gains because there is none. I had to produce this from my pocket. My aim is to put out the untold stories and bring back an important part of our history that some persons are bent on whipping out of our memories and records.

‘This is going to be a story of inspiration to us all. He was from a very humble background yet was able to rise to the very top and this is a project worth supporting. Many people from humble backgrounds would get inspired and say they want to be like him.’

By Halifax Ansah-Addo

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